Worldview Religion Paper

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APOL 104
June 2, 2014
Worldview Assignment

Every human being has a worldview. They may not know exactly what that is but every person has an idea of how they think about things and what they believe in. Our worldview makes up the way we think, feel, and act upon certain issues in life. The environment in which we are raised has a lot to do with our worldview. Most people gain their way of thinking through the ways their parents think about issues in life. For example, parents can have a certain political party they align with and growing up the child can feel like they lean the same way but after learning and understanding the issues on both sides they can decide to change their minds on which party they feel best suits them.
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In Colossians 1:16 the bible states all things were created by Him, in heaven and in earth, visible or invisible. So even if the things we cannot see were created by God then that is an excellent answer for Christians to view on the question of origin.
Questioning our identity as humans and Christians is very common is the world today. We want to understand what it means to be a person on this earth and where we stand on the hierarchy of all living things within the planet. In Christian terms, we should be living a servant’s life on earth by taking care of it and using the sources it gives us. We should also be taking care of the living things, all animals and plants, and benefit from what important parts each thing gives us. Plants and animals give us natural nourishment which was put here on earth for us to thrive on. In Proverbs 12:10-13 it talks about how man would not hurt an animal needlessly and that God has kindness over both man and animal. And in Genesis 2:15 God put man in the Garden of Eden to take care of it so in essence the job of man is to care for the earth. It is our identity on earth to take of what we were given by God and all the things encompassed by it. We are to hold ourselves as human beings in high regard and use our intelligence as way to make all things on earth better.
We as humans often ask ourselves why people are here on earth and more specifically why am I here and what is the purpose for my being. The answers to these

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