Worldview Paper On My Life

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Worldview Paper
In high school, I began learning the art of quilting. There is something absolutely wonderful about taking plain simple pieces of fabric and joining them together in beautiful patterns, often in ways you might not have dreamed of. Individually the fabric is lovely; together the pieces come to life. The same is true in regards to a worldview.
During my time at Cornerstone University, my naïve and narrow worldview and personal values from freshman year have been confronted with new ideas, beliefs, and experiences. I have been challenged on every level. And as a result, I have been transformed into a stronger and more beautiful woman. However, this process did not occur solely on an individual level. It has been a collision of worldviews from peers, professors, pastors, coaches, friends, family, music, and media.
This is to not say that I have abandoned everything that I have ever believed in during my college years. Cornerstone University taught me the significance of critical thinking – looking at the world in a different light and allowing it to enrich and refine my personal qualities and values. They also taught the importance of discovering my differences and commonalities with others to sharpen my identity.
My core foundation includes a belief that God exists and that He is the creator and designer of the world, in which humans were the pinnacle of His creation and given dominion over it. His creation, however, became tainted when sin entered the world…

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