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Revolutionary War

Explain how different American and British choices during the war might have changed its outcome.
Analyze why France joined the war on the American side and the importance of this decision to an American victory.
Identify the strengths of the British army at the outset of the Revolutionary War and account for England’s failure to win it quickly.
Show how white women and African Americans hoped for changes in their respective positions in society and analyze the degree to which their conditions actually changed.
By: Dalton Minton

America is very lucky to have one the Revolutionary war. So many things went our way and if those things had not we would have been defeated. Britain was
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We would have lost for sure if we did not have their navy and extra supplies. One of the biggest strengths that Britain’s army had was its navy it was its greatest power at this time ("," 2011). There navy was unbeatable they knew the sea and the best tactics for fighting on it. It could not be stopped which gave its troops a huge moral boost and they thought they could win which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you looked at it. Since they thought they could win so easily they went in expecting no resistance and ended up getting a lot which was a reason they lost. Their navy helped them move large amounts of supplies and soldiers to the colonies to fight and since they knew the quickest routes they could get there faster than anyone else ("," 2011). The navy that Britain had could also strike fear into an army and that would be a factor that you would want on your side going into a war. The navy was the best strength that the British army had and it should have won them the war. Britain could also get money raised by their country with just asking ("," 2011). This was a good strength if you needed to get money for more supplies or anything like that. Their country was willing to give them money because they had not lost yet and could eventually pay it back it later. With all this money they could afford to hire mercenaries called hessians ("," 2011). Hessians were from

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