World 's Fourth Largest Home Appliance Manufacturer Essay

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Qingdao Haier is the main part of the Haier Group. The Haier Group, founded in 1984 and is currently headquartered in Qingdao, China (Marketline, 2015). Haier is the leading brand of white appliances globally and is the world’s fourth largest home appliance manufacturer. In China, it is the most valuable brand. Additionally, it is an international business with 5 R&D centers, 21 industrial parks, 66 trading companies, and customers across 100 countries and regions (Haier, 2016). As for Qingdao Haier, it specifically operates out of 10 global locations distributed across Asia Pacific, Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Africa. Currently they employ approximately 70,000 employees (Marketline, 2015). Below are some key facts about Qingdao Haier.
“To become the leader in the industry and become the users’ first choice, as well as become the first competitive solution provider for good life.” (Haier , n.d.)
1.3 Product Portfolio
The group manufactures and market a diverse range of about 15,100 products in 96 home appliances and electronic product categories consisting of refrigerators/freezers, washing machines, air-conditioners, water heaters, kitchen appliances products, small home appliances and smart home appliances (Haier, n.d.). Additionally, through its subsidiaries, Qingdao Haier also engages in the research and manufacture of molds and technological equipment; design and development of electronic products and automatic control system; and installation and…

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