World 's Centers Of Arab Journalism And Political Activism Essays

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“London is one of the world 's centers of Arab journalism and political activism. The failure of left and right, the establishment and its opposition, to mount principled arguments against clerical reaction has had global ramifications. Ideas minted in Britain – the notion that it is bigoted to oppose bigotry; 'Islamophobia ' to oppose clerics whose first desire is to oppress Muslims – swirl out through the press and the net to lands where they can do real harm.” (Nick Cohen.) What is Islamophobia? Islamophobia is to dislike of or prejudgment against Islam or Muslims. The term “Islamophobia” came in the English usage in the year of 1997 and in which it stirred up fear and hatred towards the Islamic and Muslims cultures.

Should Muslims have equal rights? Muslims are human just like everyone else on this Earth, without looking at their flaws, why can they not get the respect that everyone else gets? Should they have equal rights; yes or no? After the Twin Towers were taking down by the Muslims, they have not earned their respect back. Muslims should have equal rights because America is their home, breaking gender stereotypes, and helping build America back together.

The history of Muslims goes back as far as 400 years. Muslim makes up 0.9% of the United States of America; 1.8 million and if they include the children, it will be 2.75 million. Around the time when slaves were brought slaves to America, Muslims were brought as well. They have played a big role in American…

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