World Wide Trade By William Allen Rogers Essay

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In the first decade of the 1900’s, the United States was in a progressive movement and were also getting involve in foreign affairs. The president during this time Theodore Roosevelt, a republican, was one of the first modern presidents the United States had encountered and he began to not only expand the power of the presidency but also industry, business and military. This time period in the United States was know as Imperialism. Roosevelt felt like the only way to expand the US power was to strengthen the Navy and create ports throughout the sea for world wide trade. Artist William Allen Rogers, a prolific artist during this time saw what Roosevelt was doing and drew a political cartoon of Roosevelt marching across the Caribbean Sea with his “Big Stick”, this piece was known as: “The Big Stick in the Caribbean Sea”.
This carton drawn of Roosevelt symbolizes many aspects of the effects during this time period. As the audience observe the figure, the first thing noticed is Teddy Roosevelt, big and bold with the American flag around his neck, as if he is a giant baring over everything and everyone else. Teddy Roosevelt, with his shoes off and big grim, seems to be enjoy playing in the “water”, with his “toy boats” of the Navy and big stick. The artist drew him like this to depict the massive power Teddy possessed. He looks brave, strong, and as if he is inferior to all, when walking across the sea, which in its abundance is depicted as a “tiny little body of water”. The sea…

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