World Wars And The Cold War Essay

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When considering culture in the 20th century, film and literature are two of the most important components. Both mediums create huge responses from their audiences, as these forms of art serve to let the audience experience something viscerally, all the while letting them connect these emotions to specific events occurring around them. Both world wars and the Cold War greatly impacted film and literature in Europe, ultimately leading to different ways to connect and understand art. At the beginning of the century, film was a new, visual way to tell stories. With the first film studios built in the late 1890’s, movies went from being less than a minute long to becoming several minutes with a variety of different shots (Broughall). However, with the start of the first World War, movies underwent further metamorphosis, going from short one-reel programs to feature films. With this in mind, it is easy to see the effects that one of the deadliest wars in European history would have on culture (Broughall). At the start of WWI, most people in Europe believed the war would be over within a couple of weeks, as had been the case with their past battles. However, as time went on, it became clear that there was no ending within sight for the soldiers or their families, contributing to a feeling of hopelessness and anger over being in such a drawn out war. Pop culture of the time, then, took this idea, and reflected it within its own mediums. With films, this absurdity over being…

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