Essay on World War Was The Sole War

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Imagine countless bodies lying on a ravaged battlefield soaked in the blood of fallen soldiers, craters scattered over the land from the impact of heavy artillery, smoke tainting the air. This is what the second world war was like, and in all of the fighting, all of the death, America left the war changed forever, and most importantly for the better. World War II was the sole war that spurred the greatest change in the United States of America than any war it had experienced, in its past and the future. During the war, the United States had many weapons and military advancements that were created due to the conditions of the war, which changed the the nation and the world forever. Likewise, at the war’s conclusion we emerged as a world superpower with great economic and military strength, strong alliances with powerful nations, and with much prestige among many other world nations. Furthermore, the war ended on an agreement made between three world leaders at the Conference in Yalta that set provisions including dividing Germany, and having Stalin permit free elections in Eastern Europe; Stalin, however, simply did not follow through with these terms that were agreed upon, leading to heightened tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union, and ultimately causing the many conflicts of the Cold War. Another huge effect that the second World War had on America was that in the struggle between the Soviet Union and the United States of America, the Cold War also gave…

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