World War Two ( Wwii ) Essay

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The greatest generation, those many who served in one of the great wars referred to as World War two (WWII). America has participated in many wars before both foreign and domestic, but this war would change the United States and its role in worldly affairs. Not only would it change USA’s role but also only a smaller level it forever changed American culture and roles of women, men, the majority and minority.
Men have always been the majority and the “superior” gender. With WW2 beginning they would have to concentrate their focus and energy on winning the war with boots on the ground in a foreign soil. Less men means more women on the home front. With majority of men now away, there was a huge hole in the job market that must be filled to support and continue the march to Berlin/Japan.
Women being called to action would not be the tip of the spear but instead he bow that launched it. Their support role will prove to be critical to help sustain the way of life for Americans. The role in the home was one of the most vital, for how can the troops battle on without an adequate supply of food, military vehicles and weapons. Women had to trade in the apron and put on their working hat and gloves to help propel the allied war. The events of the bombing by the Japanese in Pearl Harbor Dec. 7th 1941 would bring the war In Europe and the Pacific to Americas shores. This led to an all-time high of volunteer enlistment to serve their country in defeating the Empire and Nazi…

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