World War Two, Expensive On All Sides Of The United States Essay

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World War Two, expensive on all sides of the map. From the death toll to the financial cost for the total of, if we include 1939, six years. The National World War Two Museum states that; during the six years we, The United States, lost 416,800 military personnel. That number added to the rest of the world make the military personnel number skyrocket to, 19,463,200. The United States government during the last few years devoted their time and effort towards the Manhattan project. The total cost of the project as a whole took up 7% of the total cost of the war, says Which approximates at 1.6 trillion dollars according to With both of these factors placed in the big picture, lots of factors kill both military personnel and civilians but the weapons of mass destruction killed more in a short instant than what the war could do in a year. Since the weapons are so versatile: chemical, biological and nuclear, that they affect anyone and anything. Even though the total amount of people, both civilians and military, that died after the two atomic bombs were dropped kill only one percent of the total amount of military personnel during this time it shows the destructive power of these weapons. The disruptive force of weapons alone are staggering but when you add other factors such as nuclear technology or chemical technology it becomes a huge threat to the world.The reason that weapons of mass destruction are coined that is due to the astonishing number that…

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