World War Two As A Traumatic War Essay

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World War Two was a traumatic war for many people, not just those fighting on the continent, but also for those on the Homefront. Great Britain also suffered due to the physical bombing of their country. This involvement, of both the British people, and of the British environment, has caused WWII to achieve a prominent place in the culture and memory of the British people. This association is expressed in different ways: from the official remembrance through war memorials and monuments, through an almost unconscious remembrance due to the remaining war damage dotting the urban landscape, and through how the war and its people are shown by different popular media such as television and movies. All of these elements work together to create the cultural importance of World War Two unique to the British people, and to create a lasting memory in the people of this nation. One way for both people and the government to recover from and memorialize the struggles of war, is to create memorials to honor those who have suffered and died. These memorials are often placed in prominent places where many people can see and reflect on them. One of these memorials is the London Troops Memorial which is situated outside of the Bank of England. This memorial was first created after the events of the First World War, but was later added on after the events of World War Two. This memorial is in a classic pillar shape with the figures of solemn soldiers in brass on either side. This solemn…

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