World War Ii: the American Experience Essay

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World War II: The American Experience
Kristi Dodd
November 13, 2014
Christina Winn

World War II: The American Experience
It is no known secret that America attempted to reframe from becoming a part of what was projected as being a major war which started with the European culture. Historians believe that the second war was a contribution of the Great Depression which caused for America to seize from their investments in Europe. This caused for a struggle of power in Europe which provide an opportunity for Hitler and Stalin to obtain control over Europe. However receiving control over Britain would become a challenge. The prime minister at that time knew in order to survive he would need an alliance; the United States.
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Due to the bombing in Rome, the head of the government king Mussolini was forced to resign from his position. At that time, the Italians wanted to withdraw from the war with Japan and Russia. Operation Husky wanted to completely eliminate Italy from the war. By the end of the Italian Campaign, the war against Germany reallocated to France. “In the spring of 1945 Allied forces penetrated the final German defensive line to enter the fertile plains of the Po River Valley. On May 2, the Germans in Italy surrendered” (United States History, 2012).
War in Europe
The Battle of Atlantic was a battle that began with Great Britain declaring war on the Germans in September of 1939. The battle of the Atlantic brought about significant changes and creative inventions to the allies military. This was a major reason that allied forces were able to defeat the Germans in the Battle of Atlantic. The Battle of the Atlantic cost thousands of soldiers their lives and thousands of Navy ships were destroyed as well.
During World War II allied forces conducted strategic bombing missions against the German’s. Allied forces would bomb railways, harbors, industrial places, and cities. As World War II begins to intensify, allied forces began to conduct numerous bombing missions. Allied forces bombed city believes that it was physiological warfare and they believe it would break

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