World War II ( Wwii ) Essay

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World War II (WWII) was by no means completely burden-free for any ethnic group that had existed prior to the inception of the war. In the United States alone, groups such as the Jewish, African Americans, Women, Japanese, and Native Americans had all fought for their own domestically respective issues. With the start of the war came significant population deficits, blatant and unprecedented racism, and common economical upheavals. These issues reiterated the hard truth that no party was completely prepared for the largest human conflict of all time. However, there had been groups who had individually benefited as a result of the war post their heavy persecution. One can look at, for instance, the Jewish people following WWII. As a preface, it should be stressed that no one can argue that the genocide of six million Jews was not an utterly horrific event. That being said, there were a few positive resolutions post war for the Jewish people. For starters, the Jewish people received their own state, Israel, which to this day has very strong support internationally. Furthermore, the horror of the Holocaust 's existence is a strong factor in preventing anti-semitic sentiments in the western world, allowing for their spread of their faith. Nonetheless, these positives don’t necessarily outweigh the horrible tragedy of the Holocaust, but there there were undeniable bittersweet victories. These sorts of benefits were ornately visible in the communities of American ethnic groups…

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