World War II : The United States Essay

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In the history, this World War II could not compare with anything because it changes the American economic and it makes the greatest good economic in the United States. To fight or help the war, United State has to make a lot of supply like gun, bomb, airplane, factory, and assemble line for Europe. When the Pearl Harbor attacks by Japan, it forces the United States to fight the war. This war is dramatically change the discrimination between race and color. In this War, not only men will fight for their country but also women were taking responsibility and helping the United States. World War II is changing the world like how people live, speak languages, and freedom. Nazi anti-Semitism proves and reports of how this War is happen and start.
When Japan attacks Pearl Harbor with an airplane, it shocks the United States people. American feels that a different foreign country force them to fight another different war. American people were supporting and helping Europe to protect themselves from Hitler since 1939. At Europe, American do not have to fight just making the supply and they do not want to go through any War anymore. On the other hand, when Japan attack Pearl Harbor, they do not have choice anymore. It is time to fight and protect for their country. In December, 1941, President Roosevelts give a speech to congress and said that American has a difficult situation and decision when the war got attack at Pearl Harbor.
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On his speech, he said that December 8, 1941…

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