World War II: The Three Causes Of World War II

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Conflict is a problem happening to everybody in the world or universe, but can people avoid it? It happens all the time to tons of people. Its normal to the world, everybody had a problem or something that is hard for them. You as a person should always expect this conflict, you never know what conflict is coming to you. A big conflict that happened in our world is World War Two a big conflict that involved lots of violence between counties or people. In my opinion I think that this big conflict, WW II was avoidable in some ways.
There are lots of causes that made World War II happened. These 3 following causes are some of the major conflict in World War II. The first cause is the appeasement. When he became the dictator of Germany he wanted
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The League of Nations was a global management made in 1919 to keep peace in the world. It was proposed for a country to join if there was conflict between the countries. This is because they were trying to keep peace so they didn’t want any violence between countries to happen. If this plan lost control the county that attacked will no longer be able to trade with the other country. Finally if that plan didn’t work they will use their armies to fight until 1 perishes. This happens because the League of Nations can’t do anything else. The League of Nations did work and had success but still it was eventually a big failure. One of the reasons is that not all of the countries joined the League. Although this idea was made from the president of the U.S, but the government changed before signing the treaty so they did not want to sign others decided to join the League but eventually left. For considering that Germany started World War I, they weren’t allowed to join the making of the treaty. Along with Germany, Russia also was forbidden due to fear of communism. The second reason is that the League had no army. So the League had no soldiers to fight against different countries. The soldiers were supplied by materials by the countries that are in the League. This Lead to World War II because after this happened, America had a depression. Then Hitler knew this was his chance to attack and he …show more content…
In my opinion the League of Nations can be changed to stop World War II. This cause was a big conflict in World War II. By adjusting what they did would have stopped the War. First of the League should of kept an eye on Germany until they can care for themselves. This is because if they watched Germany until they can stand up they didn’t need Hitler which made World War II worse! Since also Hitler was a hero to the Germans if the League had been watching they wouldn’t have needed a hero. Then Germany was poor and in need of help. Then Hitler said he wanted to make Germany stronger and have a better economy. But in his head he was probably thinking that he wanted mass murder world domination and etc. Hitler should have not been there or even tried to save them if the League has looked and watched them. I think conflict should not be happening in this world now since us humans have learned that it was bad and can lead to conflict throughout the world.
I appreciate that I am living right now than back then when there was World War II. Now there is mostly peace in all of the countries. There is no bad things happening and we have learned what happened in these world wars and never to do them again. We are now improving, to have electronics and having a nice peaceful life. But in World War II there was enemies, allies between countries. Also innocent citizens from other countries get murdered shoved in places that they will

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