World War II : The Most Significant Period Of The 20th Century

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Today, America stands to be one of the greatest nations of all time, and is proven by how strong the nation has defended itself and other nations, but do Americans think about what if they were not so successful, and what if they actually lost wars including World War II. World War II is considered the most significant period of the 20th century. The war itself brought major advances in technology, bloodshed, allies, and enemies. World War II caused and created a lot of positive outcomes for the Americans and a lot of limitations for Germany. The main effects of the war was; leading the Americans out of the depression making them more successful country, the Jews and other people hated by the Nazis were freed, and the advances in technology. During any war, a lot of money is used towards the weapons, food, shelter, medication, and so forth, which can lead to the country’s fall if they run out of money. This was a definite state in World War II that affected countries. This happened to America making them in depression lacking money for the troops and provisions for the war. Let’s go forward in time thinking about what would have happened if America completely lost all of its money and had to surrender to Germany and its forces. Times would be rough to live and Americans should be appreciative that they won this war and that they were not dictated by another country. If it were true that Germany would take over the United States, instead of the president, there would be…

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