Essay about World War II : The Main Event Of The 20th Century

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World War II was the main event of the 20th century. It involved all six major countries, all three of the great oceans, and billions of people. It caused 57 million deaths and caused a lot human suffering. world war two made new boundaries for the nations, Europe and Asia. Which forced new locations for many ethnic groups. This had made millions of families go homeless. Which almost led the end of the Jewish population. During this war, everything had happened from guns, to nukes, to even jewish slavery. This research paper is filled with interesting things that happened all throughout World War II. So keep reading and see what all fun will be in store. The whole reason World War II even started was because of things that went on in World War I. Germany’s land was split into many pieces. the world wanted germany to be weak. germany’s people was tired of war, and doing without what they needed, and the economy just dropped out. Hitler used the jews as a scapegoat, Hitler wanted everyone to think that the jews started World War II. Around 1936 Adolf Hitler attacked the Rhineland, Rhineland is important because it violated the terms of the Treaty of Versailles and the Locarnos Treaties, and the previously a military zone, and in 1938 germany is the only nation that declared war on the united states. Next , the American people did not want to have any part in the European war. They felt protected by the oceans on both sides of North American . They thought in…

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