World War II : The Holocaust Essay

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Many people around the world are well aware of the cruel treatment, mass murdering, and inhumane acts forced upon Jews during World War 2, known as the Holocaust. The word Holocaust, actually meaning “sacrifice by fire” in Greek, represents the systemic and hateful planned actions performed onto Jews. “in 1933, the Jewish population of Europe stood at over 9 million,” says author of “Introduction to the Holocaust” on, German Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, would soon play a role in drastically changing that population. As World War 2 began, Adolf Hitler’s main goal was to make Germany a world power. According to author, Helen Strahinich, before he became a dictator, Hitler wanted to “expand the German empire eastward” by moving into areas around Germany, such as Poland and Russia. (Strahinich 12) After Hitler had been in power for only a few years, he began preparing Germany for war, by taking many necessary steps to increase the probability of success in a war, Hitler began to violate the Treaty of Versailles, but he was unconcerned with the consequences. After Hitler began to use propaganda and his power of giving powerful speeches, he began to gain support from the people of Germany. Once Adolf Hitler positioned himself as a dictator in Germany, he began enforcing what he called the “Final Solution.” An idea expressed by Strahinich, from the beginning, Hitler had plans of getting rid of German Jews, by one plan he was going to force them to immigrate to other…

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