Essay on World War II : The Good War

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World War II or otherwise known as the good war. While this war did do a lot of good by

liberating the Jewish people from concentration camps it was also the reason for Japanese

internment camps. By having these internment camps, America was on its way to becoming the

next Germany. The war ended the holocaust and the depression but the countless lives that it

took, especially in Japan, was devastating. The good doesn’t outweigh the bad. Women were

encouraged to get jobs for the first time but they were also pressured into marrying soldiers,

African American men were discriminated while they were soldiers fighting on the same side as

the white men, and advanced technology killed thousands in Japan while in America innocent

Japanese people were held in internment camps.

World war II lasted 6 years from 1939 to 1945. The United States did not enter the war

until December 7th 1941, after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The United Stated

initially did not want to go to war. They were still in a depression. Although Franklin D.

Roosevelt did introduce the new deal which helped countless Americans to get jobs, it did not

end the depression. FDR wanted to go to war because he knew that going to war would end the

depression because of the countless number of jobs it would create. At first the American people

were against it and wanted to remain partial, but when the Japanese hit Pearl Harbor, the

American people couldn’t wait to go to…

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