Argumentative Essay On Pearl Harbor

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“No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people, in their righteous might, will win through to absolute victory.” This quote by President Roosevelt is correct when it comes to World War Two. The war in Europe was raging and the United States was trying their hardest not to get involved with the fighting. December 7, 1941 that all changed, this date is one of the most well known dates in American history, this is the day of Pearl Harbor. Even though the Americans tried, we failed on staying neutral. Many rumors were floating around that the Japanese might bomb the United States and afterwards there were many rumors of why the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The United States, devastated that the …show more content…
Soon after the other Axis powers declared war on the United States, and we were in the war. The Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, was happy that we had finally joined the war. After the war ended, America finally made Hawaii a state in 1959.
Some of the rumors that floated were facts, on November 30, 1941 the headlines on the Hilo Tribune Herald were “JAPAN MAY STRIKE OVER WEEKEND”, it continues to say that “Japan’s military leaders have already sent a fleet of aircraft carriers to the Hawaiian Islands. Their target will be pearl Harbor, on the island of Oahu.” This would have sent the Americans in a frenzy, if only they knew. There were far more rumors of what happened at Pearl Harbor, most saying that President Roosevelt engineered what happened. On December 4, the Chicago Tribune’s had an article on Roosevelt’s war plans, only because rumors of war were spreading like wildfire. Then came what was known as “Operation Z” or “Operation Hawaii”. This air raid was planned out very well, for the Japanese military had been planning it for months. The day had arrived and
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In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin’s wife, the president had a strange kind of calm as she listened in on a few of the conversations. She recalls it being a “deathly calm” look about him. As he and his officials continue to speak on the matter at hand, they try to think of how long it be until Germany too would bomb or declare war on the United States. He starts telling the public, beginning with allie and friend, Prime Minister Winston Churchill by telling him, “We’re all in the same boat now.” However, the issue of war was brought to the American public not by Roosevelt, but by his wife. Each week the First Lady gave a live radio broadcasting of what was happening in the nation’s capital, on that day, the topic was the bombing that happened at lunch time for many Americans. In this she stated, “whatever is asked of America we shall accomplish it; we are the free and unconquerable people of the United States of America.” As she spoke many of the ‘anti war groups’ fell apart and America became more stitched together. The citizens were startled, despite anything on the contrary they almost welcomed war by pushing up their sleeves and standing up for their country. On December 8, 1941 the United States declared war on Japan. Only three days later Nazi Germany and Italy declared

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