World War II : The Bloodiest State Of War Essay

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On September 1, 1939 less than one year after the Muenchen Concord , Adolf Adolf Hitler invaded Poland. His goal was to eliminate all of the Jews. United Kingdom and Jacques Anatole Francois Thibault promised to help Poland but United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was too far away for their Melodic line Strength to help and France was too afraid to help because they were afraid of the Germans. Poland had very little Navy and Air Force to conflict the Germans. Poland was also invaded by the Soviet Union at the same sentence so their military was too small to fight the Germans and the Soviet Union. The State of war saw was taken over on September twenty-seven , and organized resistance was over by Oct quintet . This invasion started World War Two . France, Russia, England, and the United States formed what was called the Friend effect to fight against the Nazis. FRG joined with Italy and Japanese Islands and they were the Axis alliance to fight against the Allied forces.

World War II was the bloodiest state of state of war in all of war chronicle . The war went on and eventually turned against FRG and the Nazi . The Nazis did not however relax their assault against the Israelite . As the war went on the Nazis killed the Jew in greater and greater numbers. Duce was jealous of Der Fuhrer but he was naturally drawn to pattern an bond with Germany . Italy could have joined with friend countries but they would not have gone along with Benito Mussolini 's…

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