World War II And The Soviet Union Essay

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1. World War II had four outcomes. What were they?
The most important outcome was the emergence of two superpowers United States and the Soviet Union. The second outcome was the differences between these two superpowers in both national interests and ideology. The United States democratic liberalism was based on an economic system that provided opportunities to individuals without government interference: capitalism. However, the Soviet state embraced Marxist ideology, which holds that under capitalism one class exploit the workers. The third outcome was the collapse of the colonial system and the final outcome realized that the superpowers never confronted each other directly but they were influencing proxy wars.
2. How did Asian leaders adapt communism to fit conditions in Asia (hint: think about China)?
Ho Chi Minh and Zhou were members of communist parties in Europe, and once they returned home they developed new ideologies. Zhou and Mao Zedong built a revolution of agrarian peasants. Once the Chinese Communist Party was founded and the People’s Army became its guerrilla instrument, Mao’s revolution took control of China in order to establish the People’s Republic of China.
3. How do the authors characterize the Cold War (What was it like?)
As 45 years of high level tension and competition between the superpowers but with no direct military conflict.
4. NATO & the Warsaw Pact
NATO is a military alliance between the United States, Canada, Australia, and much of…

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