World War II : A Global War That Changed Many People Around The World

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World War II was a global war that changed many people around the world. It took place from 1939-1945. The countries that were involved were two groups of military alliances; the Allies and the Axis. The Allies were the United States, Britain, and France while the Axis powers were Germany, Italy and Japan. One of the main events that happened during WWII was the Holocaust. The Holocaust was the murder of six million European Jews by the Nazi Party. The Nazi Regime believed that they were racially superior and wanted an Aryan race. That meant they had to get “rid” of the people that were inferior of the Germans. The leader that came to power was Adolf Hitler. Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany’s economic problems and for the lose of the war. He did not use any other excuse except the Jews. The Germans also blamed the Jews for all of their problems. I believe that everyone should learn about the reasons that led up to the Holocaust in order to ensure that these horrible, unforgivable actions never occur again. The events leading up to the Holocaust were acts of injustice and inequality. In this paper, events leading up to the Holocaust will be discussed and in detail of the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party, Himmler and Hitler’s motivation for the Aryan race, and events before the happening of the Jews being taken away from their homes. Hitler’s hate for the Jews started early in his life. During his teenage years he pursued to be an artist, so then he moved to further his…

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