World War I : The Cold War Essay

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World War I
If your country were in a war, wouldn’t you want to know exactly what was going on out there while you were sitting at home? The people during World War I were not aware of what was really going on out on the battlefield. World War I, also known as the Great War, was an atrocious war with casualties summing up to millions and an abundant amount of people who did not perceive the war correctly.
The views of people during the war varied depending on whose view it was. Soldiers and civilians had completely different concepts of the war. Civilians were not told the entire truth about what it was like joining the military and fighting in the Great War, and women were given job opportunities. The people were misled and believed that serving in the military during this gruesome war was an honor. They told “the old lie” - which was the brainwashing that fighting in the war was “sweet” - to children so they would not think negatively and horrified towards the thought of being a soldier, and probably even believed it themselves (Dulce et Decorum Est). Propaganda posters also led people to thinking that the war was okay and that “food will win the war” (propaganda poster). Although they were looked down on and were told that they could not do their job better than a man, women were given jobs in factories and took “secret pride” in them because they felt useful for once. They felt pride in themselves for being able to help and contribute in the war. This shows how little…

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