World War I And The United States Essay

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Are some races genetically predetermined to be smarter or stronger? What are the arguments saying they are?
In the 1820’s and 30’s there was a man by the name Samuel G. Morton, a physician from Philadelphia, who studied human skulls by measuring them to determine if there was a difference between races specifically in brain size. He believed that the Europeans, especially the English, had the best brain capacity. Next, came the Chinese. Then, came Southeast Asians and Polynesians. Following that, came the American Indians. Last was, Africans and Australians. (Science: 1770s-1850s: One Race or Several Species)
Also, in the early 1900’s there were different intelligence test conducted mainly to “justify racial and ethnic discrimination”. According to the understanding race website, “The results of these intelligence tests were influential in shaping U.S. immigration policy that limited immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe, and in justifying race-based segregation in public education, and U.S. conscription during World War I. Previously, the scientific debate centered largely on perceived differences in racial intelligence based on cranial size”. (Science: 1900s-1930s Race and Intelligence)
From the readings it seems that the Blacks and even Native Americans were perceived to be strong like animals because they basically were animals to the Europeans. Also the body structure of both were probably much larger due to working so much making them appear stronger.

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