World War I And The Treaty Of Versailles Essay

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In June of 1919, World War 1 had come to an end. The Allied groups had come together to sign the treaty of Versailles. The treaty was based off of 15 parts that would bring peace to the allies and would serve the punishment that Germany deserved. The first 10 parts of the Treaty were crucial for all the allies to sign. Part 1 of the Treaty was The New League of Nations was created and that Germany would not be allowed to join is a series of years.
Part 2 would be that Germany would give up land they took back to there rightful countries like Belgium, Poland, Denmark and more it would be Germany 's new territories. Part 3 of the treaty was to demilitarize Germany and separate it from Saar for 15 years so that they would not try to harm anyone else. Part 4 was that Germany would be stripped of all of its colonies and there was nothing they could do about it. Part 5 was to reduce Germany of its armed forces and to downgrade all of their weapons and their positions in the army too. Part 6 to determine the terms of prisoners and their return from war.
Part 7 created terms of those who committed wars crimes.
Part 8 statement was that Germany would accept all the consequences of their action of World War 1.Germany would pay for all the damages that were cause and would put all of the financial states to rebuild what was lost. Part 9 was that economic shipping and unfair competition. Part 10 Germany 's port waterways and other would be controlled by the allies.
With the treaty…

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