World War I And The Holocaust Essay

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The "Shoah"

Ethnic cleansing is the mass killing of members of an unwanted ethnic or religious group in a society. From 1941-1945, the world witnessed one of the most atrocious acts of ethnic cleansing; this cleansing cultivated the infamous name of “The Holocaust”. Adolf Hitler led Germany into the organized extermination of Jews for these four years. In the United States, today, classrooms across the nation spread awareness of this despicable time period in human history. Though, shockingly, the country that actually enacted this horrendous event has refrained from maintaining discussion about it whatsoever. In this essay, we will attempt to further delve into war torn Germanic nation of the 1940’s.
The Holocaust, or in Hebrew known as the “Shoah”, was the systematical elimination of Jews across Europe. But to understand why the Jews were the focus of such horrendous acts, we need to go back to post World war One. Germany was left in economic and social turmoil, with little hope of change. The treaty of Versailles left German citizens humiliated and furious with the treatment from other countries. Even though the Germans held a deep-seated resentment, their nationalism bond grew stronger. This pushed them right in the arms of Adolf Hitler, the Austrian politician, representing the German workers party. Hitler captured the nation with his charisma and leadership. With nation behind him he rose to power, after six short years the economy was showing rapid recovery. With the…

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