World War I And The Great War Essay

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The United States of America today is directly influenced by the actions of hundreds of thousands of Americans who served in World War I. From August of 1914 to November of 1918, World War I raged across the globe and became known as the Great War, others called it the war to end all wars. It was so horrible that nobody imagined it could ever happen again. It killed nearly a generation of young men of Europe along with countless civilians. Historians figure that well over fourteen millions people died in the Great War. In recent years, World War I has not received the national attention of other conflicts such as World War II Vietnam or the American civil war. In countless ways, the war to end all wars continuous to have profound impact on all Americans and our very way of life everyday. How did America even got involved in what began as European conflict. The decades before the Great War was some of the most prosperous and peaceful Europe had ever known. There have not been full scale of war involving all major powers in a hundred years. Across the Atlantic, the United States was just a merging with global power. To celebrate this peace and progress just twenty years before World War I, all of Europe came to together as friends at the world 's fair at Chicago during a summer of 1893. For the upper classes, the summer of 1893 was one long holiday and for young people it was great time to be alive. A bit of bad news hit the papers in the summer of 1914. On June 28th,…

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