World War I And The Age Of Reason Essay

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1650 through the 1800 's was a time when educated westerners began to look to science and reason instead of religion for the improvement of humankind. This era is referred to as the Enlightenment. Beginning in the 1800 's many began to reject some of the major ideas that the Enlightenment entailed. Such as the idea of the individual, private property, human rights, human equality, and the idea of progress. With this came the "age of uncertainty" which reached it 's first high point with the outbreak of World War I, and then with the development of the Communist Revolution in Russia. The First World War and the Communist Revolution both greatly jolted Western society and culture, as well as challenged and rejected some of the inherited ideas and core beliefs of the Enlightenment.
The Enlightenment, also know as the "age of reason" was the divide between the medieval view of the world that was dominated by religion to the modern view of the world governed by science and the principles of human reason. It was an era based on science and rational inquiry. Whereas, beforehand everything revolved around religion and the principles of religious faith. The Enlightenment raised reason to the status of religion. The idea that all men are created equal emerged, as well as the idea of basic human rights emerged. It was truly a turning point in Western history for it, " … provided the foundations for modern society and for a variety of disciplines that applied reason to social,…

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