World War I After The Middle East Essay

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World War Two broke out in the Middle East soon after conflict arose in Europe during the Fall of 1939. The main theater of war in the Middle East was the Western Desert that buffered Italian Libya and British Egypt. Conflict also arose with rebellion in Iraq as consequence of growing western resentment, and in Syria and Lebanon after French defeat and capitulation to the Nazis. After Britain lost its longtime ally, France, they were left standing alone in the Middle East as the last defense against Nazi and Italian fascism, and struggled to prevent the takeover of the Suez Canal in Egypt and a loss of access to British India as a result.

Italy in Libya Since 1911, Italy had been in possession of Northern Libya, a place where the Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini desired to begin the establishment of an Italian Empire in the Middle East. Mussolini called the Mediterranean “Our Sea,” and desired to take control of it as well as the British controlled Suez Canal. The Italians attempted to invade Egypt in order to capture the canal and, if successful, would have had serious consequences for the British war efforts. As a naval power, the Canal provided the British navy the power and control that it needed over their vast empire and access to their possessions in British India. The Italian army however, was not up to the task of defeating the British in the Western Desert. Although the Italian army wasn’t small, there was just not enough motivation for war and fighting among…

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