World War 2 Propaganda Essay

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The use of propaganda in your life is just about all the time. Propaganda is the form of communication used to influence the attitude of a community towards a cause or position to benefit one’s self. It’s used very often in politics and to convince their audience of something in general. Two main events in the United States that used propaganda are World War I and World War II. Propaganda was a key to the success of America getting through the wars. While the United States used many forms of propaganda during World War I and World War II the most effective forms were radio, newspaper, and posters. One of the most effective uses of propaganda in America during World War I and World War II was the radio. It was a media that was the American’s …show more content…
During this time period posters were produced like crazy to encourage support for the war. The most iconic poster made for the war World War I was the Sam “I Want You” poster, one that many Americans have seen or heard of. This poster made American citizens feel like they were handpicked to participate in the American army. The poster was one of the first forms of media uses of propaganda used during World War I, because this was before the radio was invented. Another wildly popular one is the “We Can Do It” from 1942 the well-known poster of a women showing her arm muscles. This poster convinced American women that we can work in factories and get through the war. “Government sponsored posters appealed to defense related workers to stay on their jobs. Americans were reminded that accepting rationing of gas, food, any resources used by the armed services was patriotic” (World War 2 Propaganda 1). This quote tells what exactly the posters were used for in this time period. During the wars they had to ration food because there were only so many people that were able to work and produce the food due to so many having to enroll in the war. America also had to send large amounts of food to the Americans that were fighting in the war so they could survive and continue to fight. Most of the food was sent to the army, and America had to ration with the food that …show more content…
Without the uses of propaganda through radio, newspapers, and posters who knows were America would be as a country or what we would have gone through during the war. It had such an impact on the country as to getting people to actually accept the rationing of food. All of the propaganda tactics also convinced people to join the army and fight for the end of the war in America. Propaganda is still used in many forms today, mostly in politics to convince the public of something that the politician believes in and wants you to believe in as well so you can vote for him. It’s not used in so much of the way of war or rationing in this time period because it’s not as big of a deal as it was back then. But if it would come back again and America had to use tactics of propaganda to get people to join the war, America would use some of the same tactics because they worked so well back then. Propaganda was used in many ways in American during World War I and World War II making a wide variety of ways to convince Americans to join the army, ration, scare other countries, and possibly end the war. The use of propaganda helped America in this time period and is still present

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