World War 2: The Space Race

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1. World war 2 - World War II happened 2 decades after World War I. World War II was the deadliest and most widespread war ever. World War II involved more than 30 countries and over 50 million deaths occurred. The war drunk on for six years until the defeat of Nazi Germany and Japan in 1945. World war 2 destroyed the most land and took more lives than any previous war. I believe it is the most historic event because it was the most gruesome war in previous history
2. World war 1 - Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire battled against Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, and Japan; also known as the Allied powers. In 1917, The United States joined the Allied powers. World War I was known as the great war, that lasted four years.
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Space race - the space race was a race to prove the superiority of its technology, military fire power, & its political & economic system. The space race was known as another Arena for competition between the Soviet Union & the United States. The space race began in the late 1950 's. Space race took action not too long after the Cold War. I believe this is a good placement because this event happened due to previous events that were more important.
11. Independence Day - Independence Day is known as the 4th of July. It has been a federal holiday of the United States since 1941. Independence Day was the outcome of the American Revolution. The 13 colonies declared there independence from Great Britain after the war. July 4th is celebrated as the birth of American independence. I believe this is a good placement because it 's half way important in my views because it 's the day the US declared independence but there are events that are a lot more important.
12. Holocaust - 1945, the holocaust was a genocide. Adolf hitlers nazi Germany 's & it 's collaborators killed about 6 million Jews. Adolf & his soldiers would put Jews in gas chambers, beat them, starve them, and torture them. Not only Jews were tortured and killed, but also gypsies and homosexuals. Jews were considered a threat to German racial purity & community. I believe this is a good placement because the holocaust was the most gruesome non war event but it didn 't necessarily effect the US too
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The United States civil war - The US civil war was fought between the confederate south, and the union north. Jefferson Davis lead the confederates and abe Lincoln was the president of the union. The war lasted from April 12, 1861 & ended may 9, 1965. Which lead to union victory and slavery being abolished. As well as sending the US into the reconstruction era. I believe this is a good placement because this is event is not as important as other ones.
16. The Louisiana purchase - the Louisiana purchase was where the United States had purchased approximately 828,000,000 square miles of territory from France. This purchase had doubled the size of the young republic. Louisiana territory stretched from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains & from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian border. This was on of the most important achievements of Thomas Jeffersons presidency. I believe this is a good placement because this is event is not as important as other ones.
17. Boston tea party - The Boston tea party was actually carried out by the sons of liberty. This event took place in the Boston harbor on December 16, 1773. The sons of Liberty dressed up as Indians and threw all the British tea into the harbor. a whole shipment of tea from the east India company was destroyed and dumped into the harbor. I believe this is a good placement because nothing too major happened in this event other than tea was dumped into a

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