World War 2 Argumentative Essay

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Assessment 3 task outline: Argumentative essay.
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World War Two was fought by the Axis forces and the Allies. The war took place in two different place, which is in the Pacific and Europe (SparkNotes 2005). In the Pacific, the war was fought between the Japanese from the Axis and United States of America from the Allies (SparkNotes 2005). The war begin on December 7, 1941 when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, a U.S. Navy base in Hawaii (SparkNotes 2005). The turning point of this battle is the Battle of Midway on June 3-6, 1942 (SparkNotes 2005). The war in Pacific ended in summer 1945 when two atomic bombs were dropped on mainland Japan (SparkNotes 2005). In Europe, the war was fought between the Nazis Germany
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The construction of wonder weapons should not happen because there were production problems faced by the Nazis. Hitler did not have a strategic vision, as he canceled all aircraft work on 11 February 1940 for aircraft that can’t get to the frontline in a year (Schollars 2011). This work had stopped many projects including the jet engine production which is one of the wonder weapons (Schollars 2011). The Nazis were also facing a short of material and resources (Giffard 2013). Therefore, this had caused a overstretch production industry that drains resources (Dvorsky 2014). Moreover, Hitler’s also gave Combine Bomber Offensive of Allies target such as these production plant (Schollars 2011). However, the wonder weapons can deal a huge amount of damage to the Allies (Schollars 2011). The Messerschmitt Me 262, a jet fighter, had demonstrated the killing power of wonder weapons. In one occasion, the Me 262 had “successfully attacked a US bomber formation at 100 to 1 odds” (Schollars 2011). This successful attack had shocked General James H. Doolittle and force him to take extra countermeasure against the Me 262 (Schollars 2011). The other wonder weapon that dished out a huge amount of killing power is the Vergeltungswaffe 1 (V1), the world first cruise missile, a simple design with a novel pulse engine mounted on a rocket with a short wing (Schollars 2011). V1 had killed 6184 people in and around …show more content…
This happened because he did not have any aeronautical experience (Overy 1980 pp.406). Instead of believing on the Luftwaffe, he believed that anti-aircraft fire was more effective (Overy 1980 pp.409). Thus, the highest priority was given to the development of anti-aircraft defences (Overy 1980 pp.409). Moreover, Hitler only focused on the protection from enemy bombing and failed to focus much on bombing the enemy (Overy 1980 pp.410). He also pushed aside the fact that the V1 and V2 can only dish out a small amount of damage per day whereas the bombers were able to dish out a huge amount of damage per day (Overy 1980 pp.412). Hitler also had a misinterpretation about air superiority, thinking that air superiority was not necessary until forces were being overpowered (Overy 1980 pp.413).

In conclusion, the defeat of Nazis was caused by the failure of Hitler leadership. The main reason for this is high demands for the wonder weapon production by Hitler as he thinks this may change the tide of the war. In addition, his generals were ignored by him during the attack on Russia. The Luftwaffe also lost the trust of Hitler which then caused the airspace to be dominated by the Allies. Therefore, to win a war, leadership is the most important factor. Without a good leader, a war cannot be won when there is no one to lead the army even though they have the most sophisticated weapon.
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