Essay about World Trade Center : An Attack On Our Country

1567 Words Nov 4th, 2014 7 Pages
There was a heavy deafening noise that sounded like an enormous explosion as I was strolling to work on bright early Tuesday morning. I looked back to see what the resounding noise was, and as soon as I saw the large cloud of smoke, I thought my eyes were deceiving me. A plane had crashed into the World Trade Center, and my stroll to work had turned into almost a sprint. I got to my office building out of breath, trying to converse with my co-workers about what we had just witnessed, and whether we think it was an accident or an attack on our country. Just as we were discussing about what happened to the first tower, a second plane came crashing into it’s brother tower right next to it, and we knew this was no longer an accident. Our boss told us to go home and stay safe. When I got to my apartment I immediately called family who lived in Saudi Arabia. They wanted to come to America to visit me and make sure I was safe, but I told them they better stay home as travelling on a plane here is dangerous at the time. We found out the hijackers of the planes were of Middle-Eastern descent, and that was when things turned for the worst for me, and my race of people.
The next few months I got some very dirty looks and harsh words said to me from other Americans of different race than I. Even my coworkers who knew me for a long time either feared me more, or liked me less all because I am the same race of the men who hijacked the planes. I tell people I am an American citizen and…

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