World Religions Final Paper Hum130

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World Religions Report
University of Phoenix
World Religions
Hum 130
July 30, 20XX World Religions Report
The Church. There is only one faith that is so recognizable that no other description is required. Movies have been made with The Church as the villain behind massive conspiracies. Stories have been told of Cardinals and Bishops that were the real power behind Kings. The Church owns what amounts to a sovereign country as its headquarters. The leader of The Church is treated, world wide, in the same manner as a Head of State, even enjoying Diplomatic Immunity in foreign countries. The Church owns one of the largest and most valuable private art collections in the world. The
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Deacon Engel greeted me warmly, and led me on a brief tour of a modern building with class rooms, offices and staff rooms, which surrounded the sanctuary, or main auditorium of the church. After visiting a small coffee bar that was set in a casually furnished lounge area, reminiscent of a college study lounge, the Deacon and I sat down in a quiet office and began our talk. Being familiar with protestant doctrine, I had many questions for the Deacon, and he was more than willing to answer all of them.
The Deacon began with a brief biography of his background. He informed me that he had originally begun his work in small churches and had enjoyed the work there immensely. He explained to me the joy that he had experienced in that environment, where he had known the names and families of most of the parishioners in the church, and had been not just a clergy man to his parishioners, but personal friends with many of them. He then described the different satisfaction that he gets from working in a large church such as St. Joseph’s, which has approximately 1800 members. He noted that though sometimes the work there is less personal and immediate than the days he had spent in smaller churches, the satisfaction of working with people and helping them is still something that he loves.
I began the interview with a question that I found to be a contradiction between what I

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