Essay about World Religions and the North Africa/Southwest Asia Realm

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Nancy Brown
Walden University

The realm of North Africa/Southwest Asia is a site of rich oil and natural gas deposits, economic growth and international relationships. The realm is also the birthplace of the three major world religions; Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Centuries of conflict lie at the heart of this realm due to differences in religious beliefs. In reviewing the scripture readings presented for this lesson, each religion has one intrinsic similarity; that is the belief in God. Where both Islam and Judaism view God as one entity, Christians believe in the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), ("Islam, Judaism and," 2004-2013). Review of the scripture
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Jerusalem is known as the third Holiest City of Islamic faith and the first Holy City of the Jewish and Christian faiths and is located is Israel. Currently, the city and surrounding area is shared by Arab and Jewish populations. There is a distinct “line in the sand”, a security barrier that has been built around the West Bank. The purpose of the barrier is to keep the Israelites (Jewish religion) safe from the Palastines (Islamic religion). The city itself has four quarters: Muslim, Christian, Armenian and Jewish. Each quarter presents a different culture ("Jerusalem 101 -," ). Jerusalem has been and still is, under controversy of ownership. The Palastines hope to gain the city as the capital of their future Palestinian state. The scriptures of Christianity and Judaism preach hospitality and love to strangers. Uprisings have not historically been between Christians and Jews. As discussed previously, Islamic scriptures do not encourage friendship. The conflict between the Pal astines and Israelites may be an example of this mindset.
As noted above, the geographical location of Saudi Arabia on the Persian Gulf and its substantial volume of oil deposits has affected the political decision making of the Saudi Arabian government. The alliance with the Western World has touched both the Islamic and Christian religions. The three major religions are all represented in the country of Israel. Unrest has been part of the history of this

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