World of Board Games: Forbidden Island Essay

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As defined by the creators of the board game, the primary object of Forbidden Island is to, “ . . . work together to keep Forbidden Island from sinking in order to buy enough time to capture its four treasures. Once . . . captured . . . (the team of adventurers) must make it to Fools’ Landing and escape by helicopter to win. If however, the island sinks before (the team) can complete (its) tasks, the mission ends in defeat!”

Since a game like Forbidden Island was designed to encourage collaboration between the players, the class was divided into several small-sized self-management teams that would be responsible to learn how to play Forbidden Island together under minimal supervision. In addition to the challenging task of capturing the
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162). Based on the definition of this theory, the sudden change in the other team members’ attitude, behavior and performance seemed inexplicable at the time. In fact, I found myself quite perplexed, and worried, by the indifference and disinterest of the other team members with respect to following the rules and playing the game. With already juxtaposed goal orientations, it would be difficult to establish a common goal once we had already started playing. Following the learning goal orientation, I was prepared to learn and develop the skills and competencies required to master the game as best as possible. While on the other hand, the other team members were focused on performance-prove goal orientation as they only played the game to win and consequently receive favourable judgment about the outcome of their performances.

Research has found that when individuals have not acquired the skill or knowledge to perform tasks, such individuals will also exhibit a decrease in performance goals. It is possible that this finding may be attributed to the other team members’ lack of motivation to perform accordingly, however we had all started on a level playing field and had been given an equal opportunity to acquire the necessary skills or knowledge to participate in this activity. Although it was necessary to develop some new skills to adhere to the norms of Forbidden Island, the team members’ pre-existing skills were not

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