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Example essay on Nature vs Nurture: The natural characteristics of a person can either be quite similar or quite different to the unnatural characteristics of a person. The natural characteristics of a person are the traits that come from their parents; the ones that people are born with which are genetical. These traits are developed biologically. The unnatural characteristics of a person, or the nurtured characteristics, are the traits that people develop themselves after they are born. The

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I think that I am probably more nurtured though. I have gone through many experiences in which I have learned different lessons. These lessons have taught me how to act in my life. I know that I am a very different person than my mom or my dad. I don’t have very much in common with either of them.

Although we do share some of the same aspects, I feel that I am more different from them than alike. I have developed the majority of my social skills from my friends and not my parents. Most of my social life revolves around my friends, who have influenced me in a lot of the decisions I make and in the way I act. I don’t socialize with my parents nearly as much as I do with my peers. I don’t think I know my parents well enough to say if I am like them when they are around their friends or not though.

My personality is also partly nature though because I find that I do think like my parents sometimes. Most of the time I find that I think more like my friends because I am around them a lot more. My parents and I share a lot of the same opinions too, and not just because I grew up thinking the same way they do.

The nature and nurture of a person can vary greatly. Sometimes there are certain things that are hard to decide whether they are inherited or learned. I might share some qualities with my parents, but they could just be characteristics that I learned in my life that my parents also learned in their lives too and weren’t
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