World Crime And How It Affect Citizens Around The World Essay

788 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
To begin with, crime around the world has become a major pollution for a lot of humans. Crime is a major problem for the police officers that’s trying to protect against it. Every country around the world have at least some violence around the environment because violence is everywhere. A lot of people commit crime and get away with it and I think that is a major problem for our society. In this essay I will discuss world crime and how it affect citizens around the world.
Around the world crime can cause people to live very miserable. Whenever there is a low income community a lot of crime always seems to occur in that area. Whenever environments have to face these problems it causes property value to go down. Areas where there is killing and shooting ever night also causes neighbors to move out the community for peace and to live a better life where they feel more secure. Also a lot of killing in certain community doesn’t make the media due to gang relations, drug dealing, and robing. Across the nation, crime dropped by 20 percent from 1990 to 1998 while network television showed an 83 percent increase in crime news. Crime seem to happen because lack of education that also relate to lack of income. Crime has cause a disgust between law enforcement and citizens all around the world. I thing crime will always be a problem in society due to people and the actions.
Another crime that is major around our society is sexual assault. Rape has been growing in our society every…

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