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Business Ethics
Final Project
Extraordinary Circumstances

Stephanie Burg

Table of Contents
Mission Statement 3
Ethical Principles/Tenets 4
Day to Day Operations 5
Cynthia Cooper and the Culture 6
Conclusion 8
Works Cited 10

1)Provide a Mission Statement and brief background about WorldCom. Briefly explain how WorldCom did not honor their statement.
WorldCom - "our objective is to be the most profitable , single source provider of communications services to customers around the world. Unstated Mission - Increase shareholder value." WorldCom's mission statement neatly encapsulated aspirations and strategies to be the leading facilities-based provider of end-to-end Telecommunications and Internet services to
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Do you believe employees in another organization could trust Cooper? Why? Why not? Would you trust/distrust her? Which ethical principles/tenets did Cooper honor/dishonor? What facts/criteria do you believe Cooper considered before blowing the whistle?

Cynthia redid the Arthur Anderson audit and went to the Board of Directors were her finding of fraud, and her main priority was being an auditor over being a loyal employee to WorldCom.
She was named Time Magazines Persons of the Year in 2002.I believe she did the best thing and the right thing. Other organizations should be proud to have Cynthia Cooper work at their organization because they know they would be getting a loyal and ethical employee. Cooper will follow the rules and report what she feels is not right. Cooper did follow the chain of command and triedto get results internally before going to external measures. Cooper honored Honesty because she told the truth and was straightforward. Cooper honored fidelity because she disclosed information that was not learned in confidence but was part of her job. I believe she considered the outcome. In achieving a goal you have to be mindful that you are putting something else in jeopardy. You have to obey your conscience and accept the consequences.(Tavis Smiley)
5)Discuss how WorldCom did not recognize the importance of creating a culture that was concerned about people and their stake in the organization, and as members

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