Essay about World Bank : They Mean Business !

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World Bank? They mean Business!

According to the Huffington Post. In 2007 the World Bank funded much of a project in Kenya, to protect and improve the lives of communities sharing the management of the natural resources of the nation. The Kenya Forest Service 's Natural Resources Management Project. However, the project triggered a humanitarian crisis of immense proportions. Since the indigenous people on the "protected" sites have been displaced in an arbitrary and violent manner. Evictions were being done still in 2011 even after the direct requests by the World Bank to cease. After several experiences like this international institution has come to the conclusion that indeed has a serious problem with the way they have dealt with this kind of projects. “"We Took a hard look at ourselves on what we found resettlement and deep concern Caused me," Said World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim. "We found Several major problems. One Is That We Have not done a good enough job in overseeing projects Involving resettlement; two, We Have not implemented well enough Those plans; and three, We Have not put in place strong tracking systems to make sure our policies That Were Followed being. We must and will do better. "”(The World Bank, 2015) Could all this mess have been avoided somehow, probably yes, but the sole fact that a foreign institution could cause all this disruption, is deeply troubling. I think the only way to avoid such problems would be not to intervene at all.…

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