Workplace Violence Case Study

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The diversity within the modern workforce has had an everlasting effect on several issues within today’s organizations. Furthermore, the issues associated with employee violence has not been exempt from the preceding changes. Organizations are required to provide employee with a safe and healthy environment. The safety and health of employees has a positive effect on organization productivity and efficiency. Additionally, a good health and safety plan can reduce the liabilities associated with the previously stated terms. The reduction of liabilities which include; workplace fatalities, injuries, and illness (WFII); all serve to promote the long-term orientation of success all organizations must strive for. The following violence plan
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The legalities within workplace safety must be analyzed in order to understand the implications that they have for this workplace violence case. If you judge a book by its cover when it comes to workplace safety and health, this judgment could be detrimental to the organization in where analysis could have provided a beneficial alternative solution. So we begin with a summary of the preceding legal framework of workplace safety and …show more content…
It also allows an organization to formulate ways in which it can improve workplace health and safety by providing a legal foundation by which policies and procedures may be built upon. This can be accomplished through several methods which include; audits and risk assessments, correcting unsafe facilities and workplace conditions, re-designing jobs, providing feedback, etc. This understanding allows organizations to minimize the risks that may be associated with workplace health and safety while respecting individual employee

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