Workplace Safety Research Paper

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D. Workplace Safety: Any and all employees will adhere to all federal rules and guidelines when it comes to safety in the work environment which are provided in a separate disclosure in the employee manual. Every employee will be subjected to drug testing to obtain employment and drug testing will be given randomly to the employee picked anonymously. Employees that test positive will then be given a chance to retake and if a second positive result is presented employment will be terminated. All injuries on the clock all require a mandatory drug test.

Section Three: Ethics Training Program Managers and corporate officers conduct training the ethics training program ever 4-6 months and they look to see if all employees are cooperating
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It is quite difficult to consider that adults can be victims of bullying but it happens and isn’t tolerated at Beikins. The classes will discuss and address these types of behavior and train employees how to handle these situation pertaining to such bullies. These sessions will help employees be more knowledgeable of this type of acts in a workplace and the classes will also advocate ways that this sort of behavior and harassment can be dealt with. When it comes to sexual harassment it will also have special training sessions. Employees are more satisfying offering up information when they feel that when they do they won’t be looked down like they are doing something bad or wrong. An experimental situation will be implemented to help employees better understand their own perceptions of what’s right and wrong and be able to adequately come up with solutions and conclusive answers that will benefit the group rather than their own personal needs. Some believe that in order to achieve the desired result, any kind of behavior is acceptable. Trainees will learn how to properly deal with many differentiating types or personalities and the best ways to face situations that involve …show more content…
When having a code of ethics in place, it is very important to design a system that permits employees to report claims of misconduct without having any fear of reprimand or retaliation against themselves. Employees have to be able to feel safe in reporting this kind of information. One possible way to ensure these type of safe feelings is to permit the employees to be able to remain totally anonymous. Every claim that is disclosed on the company’s webpage must be properly looked into and attended to, an additional option is for employees to be able to speak straight with their manager or one of the managers the Beikins has appointed. Employees should be able to go to managers that they feel comfortable with and report any susceptible behavior or misconduct. Failure to report any claim or claims of misconduct can and will result in loss of company income and revenue which would affect all

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