Essay on Workplace Motivation

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Workplace Motivation Paper
M. Singh
University of Phoenix
February 01, 2009
PSY/ 320

Workplace Motivation Paper Motivation plays an important part of every organization. Motivation in organizations can be accomplished by finding whatever gets everyone going. Motivation will not be the same for every organization but by finding out what that thing is, the company can be sure the organization will be successful at whatever they attempt (Fitness Equipment & Health, 2007-2008). Motivation is the inner power or energy that pushes one toward performing a certain action. Motivation is a dynamic process – always changing, always rising and falling – rather than a discrete event or static condition (Reeve, 2001). A person’s
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Employees are the greatest asset to an organization and no matter how efficient technology and equipment may be, technology and equipment is no match for the effectiveness and efficiency of the employees (ROK Connect Limited, 2008). Today’s workplace includes several types of people and personalities that in turn create a need for different styles and types of motivational strategies. In the Sandals Resorts organization three types of employees exists; salespeople, production workers, and administrative staff. This paper will examine how various motivational strategies affect productivity at Sandals Resorts. This paper will also explain the organizational efforts used to improve performance, employees’ resistance to increasing productivity, and the management philosophy of motivation and practices. In addition, this paper will identify and analyze the implications of applying a few motivational theories not currently in practice at Sandals Resorts. Finally, this paper will describe how motivational theories would impact both management and employees in the workplace. Leaders can influence motivation by having realistic expectations, communicating about wants, needs, and goals, understanding the difference between motivators and maintenance factors, creating a motivational climate, and using the reward system (Klein, 1992). Sandals

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