Workplace Management And The Workplace Essay

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Workplace management is constantly gaining a considerable amount of interest among researchers and practitioners especially with the current awareness of workplace policies. In the current business world setting, employers are trying to catch employees’ attention by claiming to be driven by the “equal opportunity” slogan which implies that once a person becomes an employee in that organization, they will be treated without harassment or discrimination regardless of religion, race, age, sex, race or nationality (Deery, Walsh & Guest, 2011). Any work place that is free from discrimination and harassment is not only important for better performance of the business but it is also part of the law. According to the federal and state anti-discrimination laws and policies, the Fair Work Act 2009 and the Equal Opportunity Act 2010, all types of employers should take the responsibility of treating both their employees with fairness starting from recruitment to other stages. For instance, during recruitment, fairness should dominate regarding how positions are advertised as well as how interview are carried out (Dipboye & Colella, 2013). Workplace discrimination costs employers time and money, it damages employees’ moral, it minimizes employee productivity and also undermines employer reputation.
Work Place Harassment
Workplace harassment is a form of discrimination where employers or other employees use unwanted verbal or physical actions towards a certain employee in a way that…

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