Essay Workplace Is A Victim Of Workplace

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Every working person spend about 8.9 hours a day in our workplace and with their coworkers. At work people become friends and we like to spend time with their coworkers, however, each person has an example of an employee with whom they work that make their workday inconvenient. The statistic shows that “53 million Americans report being a victim of workplace bullying” which is a huge number of people living under this critical issue (workplacebullying,). According to Workplace Bullying Institute, any verbal, threatening, humiliating or intimidating act to the employees is consider as workplace bullying also known as workplace abuse. Workplace bullying is not only a huge problem around the globe but also in the United States and the state of Illinois as well. Workplace bullying is a huge problem in any work environment but the government and employers are not working in the right direction to solve that issue for many employees. There should be a state and federal law to identifying workplace bullying as harassment. When people hear, workplace bullying many did not know what this mean and having confused with harassment but both terms are at the same time similar and different. Workplace Bullying is repeated, health-harming mistreatment of one or more persons that are target of this behavior by one or more perpetrators also it is abusive conduct that takes several forms as verbal abuse, threatening, intimidating, humiliating behaviors, or work…

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