Workplace Harassment Reflection

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I interviewed my father, who works full time as a chaplain for Memorial Herman hospital, for the workplace harassment assessment. Knowing that he worked for them for 8 years, I figured he had seen some signs/acts of workplace harassment, I was right. Below are some questions I asked to get a full assessment of what he had seen and how he handled it. First I asked, “Can you describe a time when you or someone you know had experienced sexual harassment or bullying in the workplace?” He answered by telling me a time he worked with a peer that was being harassed by another coworker from a different department (same building, but different offices). His peer thought it was possible harassment, yet wanted to verify with him as a confidant to confirm the allegation. After discussing the situation, they concluded that it was an event that fell under the conditions of harassment. They also decided it may be a possible isolated incident. Therefore, he was to be alerted if and when the alleged perpetrator appeared again. That …show more content…
First off, my father has a very relational-focus workplace relationships with all of his co-workers. It comes with the job of a chaplain which is all about helping a family through the rough times in the hospital so working on the relationship he has with his patient and the patient 's family is the first priority. Easily that can also be the focus he has with his co-workers, he also is an introvert that thinks deeply about the words that come out if his mouth, like an analytical. How the resolution came about was from the confrontation with the aggressor and the peer became successful from the honestly the peer had with the aggressor. My father used the assurance strategy to provide affirmation and comfort on the peer when he sat in on the confrontation to help his peer know that they weren’t facing the problem

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