Workplace Harassment Is Harmful For The Psychological Health Of The Employee

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Workplace Harassment The workplace harassment is harmful for the psychological health of the employee; it could cause stress, even suicidal thoughts. Later, it will be mentioned the different types of harassment in the workplace and another examples of: harassment by racism, sexual harassment, harassment by disability, harassment plus discrimination, and others in the workplace. I will discuss how the people in the work could stop it, how to act in case of harassment and how to complain about it. When it is something normal, and when the behavior is officially abusive and is considered harassment. However, there are laws that protect the employee in case of harassment. I will discuss how to act in case of harassment, what the laws said; step by step the protocol that the victim should follow. Also, the psychological problems in case of a long-term situation of harassment and what the employee should do to avoid it. The law and its punishments, with the aggressor and also if the company doesn’t act, how the company could have legal consequences just as the oppressor if this happen. Workplace Harassment or Workplace Bullying is when an employee, supervisor or even a person who is not an employee commits harassment against a specific person in the workplace. Workplace Harassment can be harmful for the employee, and also can affect the victim psychologically and emotionally. This kind of harassment usually is for specific reasons: sex, religion, race, disabilities, age and…

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