Essay about Workplace Harassment, Bullying And Discrimination Prevention

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Workplace Analysis
Policy: Workplace Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Prevention
Policy overview
A purpose behind establishing this policy is to ensure that “healthy and safe work environment is maintained for all employees” (Relationships Australia Queensland, 2013). It Is to ensure that any alleged workplace harassment, discrimination, vilification or sexual harassment claims are treated seriously and investigated fairly, promptly and impartially. Bullying has serious emotional, financial and legal repercussions for employees and employers alike. The incidences of violence in the workplace seem to be increasing worldwide. Kramar et al. (2014) also specifies that any policies and practices developed by workplaces to address workplace bullying, as many other issues in workplace, need to be developed and maintained with a HR process to support it and encourage a work culture which provides employees with ways to speak up about bullying.
The policy in question clearly articulates the definitions of what is understood to be workplace bullying, sexual harassment, direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, vilification and victimisation. A clear differentiation is made between what constitutes and does not constitute workplace harassment or bullying. Examples where reasonable management action is taken offered to clarify the instances where workplace harassment may be perceived by an employee, however is not accepted or classed as such. In an interview with an…

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