Workplace Harassment And Discrimination Practices Essay

1447 Words Nov 10th, 2016 6 Pages
Synopsis The current generation is characterized by a high level of understanding and awareness regarding the workplace environment. This essay attempts to offer a comprehensive definition and discussion basing on workplace harassment and discrimination practices that occur in the current work stations. As part of the discussion, workplace harassment and workplace discrimination will be discussed. Types of harassment and types of discrimination at the workplace will also be highlighted in detail. In attempt to bring the discrimination and harassment problem in a more practical setting, the essay will entail a case study basing on Australia’s status of workplace discrimination and harassment. However, this will specifically dwell on gender based discrimination and harassment. As the final part of the essay, a critical discussion on the possible ways to control workplace harassment and discrimination will be done.
Workplace management is constantly gaining a considerable amount of interest among researchers and practitioners especially with the current awareness of workplace policies. In the current business world setting, employers are trying to catch employees’ attention by claiming to be driven by the “equal opportunity” slogan which implies that once a person becomes an employee in that organization, they will be treated without harassment or discrimination regardless of religion, race, age, sex, race or nationality (Deery, Walsh & Guest, 2011). Any work…

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